Jack Stone - Night Bat


Solo – 6 | Buddy – 8 | Team – 10

Hotshot Researcher
I’m a Doctor, Not a Combatant
Isn’t he gay?

Power Sets
Stamina 10
Senses 10
Flight 6
Sonic Energy Attack 8

Versatile – Replace any power with 2d8 or 3d6 on your next roll
Second Wind – Step up and move any stress die to the doom pool
Mutant – Earn 1 pp when affected by mutant specific milestones and tech
Exhausted – Shut down any power to gain PP

Covert – 8
Medical – 10

What I’ve Become
1 XP when you narrowly avoid having your mutant identity discovered.
3 XP when you willingly come out to an individual that you were originally hiding your identity from.
10 XP when you publically reveal your mutant identity as Jack Stone or have it widely revealed against your will.

Medical Researcher
1 XP when you roleplay a scene where you are working in a lab. (First time only)
3 XP when you make a minor breakthrough.
10 XP when you make a medical discovery that creates a major change to how we live our lives.


Jack Stone - Night Bat

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